Full Size Cable

Cable systems allow participants to enjoy towed watersports like wakeboarding and waterskiing without the use of a boat via an overhead parallel running cable. With 5.1 million waterskiers and 3.5 million wakeboarding enthusiasts across the United States, there’s never been a better time to start your own cable wake park project.

Reasons to Build a Cable Park:

  • Cable parks are an energy efficient way to enjoy towed watersports. The average cost to operate an entire system is about $10 per day, with no harmful emissions.
  • A cable park opens watersports up to a larger demographic who previously had no access to the water. A cable can serve hundreds of people per day.
  • You can help build community in your area by running camps, partnering with local schools for watersports classes, and providing a safe, accessible environment for enthusiasts to enjoy their sports.
  • Cable parks are spectator friendly, and create broad sponsorship opportunities.
  • Wake parks are a great venue for groups, and allow people of all ages and abilities to participate.
  • Ancillary businesses such as restaurants and pro shops are plentiful, and provide added revenue potential for your park.
  • Partnerships with local parks and recreation departments are possible.
  • Cable parks are ideal venues for events, which increase tourism and exposure to the local market, as well as bring in additional revenue to both the park and the area businesses.

Our Systems

The Wake Park Project offers cable systems from Sesitec, the most innovative cable manufacturer in the market. They use cutting edge engineering to build the lightest, most reliable cable systems available, and they are the only manufacturer to offer Lake Control, a fully automated system that provides total staff management and increased revenue options while tracking ticket sales, operating data, and more. It will keep track of your entire operation flawlessly.

Sesitec takes pride in its systems using a special eight-strand running cable (as opposed to the standard six-strand) for added strength and durability. Our systems are efficient, with smaller, lighter deflection pulleys, aluminum carrier clamps, and studier drive system mounts. Sesitec is also the only manufacturer to offer a direct drive elevator system, for added reliability, a longer life, and safety on the water to quickly move ropes out of a rider’s path. There is also either a two or five-year warranty on all of Sesitec’s high-quality parts, and each system comes fully installed and tailor made for your unique site. We can assist with building plans, and the installation process includes the surveying of your site and lake design.

The Advantages of Choosing Sesitec from The Wake Park Project

  • Lake Control comes standard
  • Durable, eight-strand running cable
  • Larger maintenance platform included (fits two people comfortably)
  • Elevator maintenance platform
  • Direct drive elevator
  • Sturdier drive system mounts
  • Reinforced, sheathed bolts
  • Custom lake and cable designs
  • Streamlined systems with smaller, lighter deflection pulleys and aluminum carrier clamps
  • Quietest carriers on the market
  • Stylized stirrup frames
  • Exclusive distributor of UNIT obstacles
  • Control box works with 480 Volts
  • Smoother installations
  • Higher quality parts