Lake Control

Lake Control

Running a complete cable operation is simple thanks to Lake Control. Lake Control is a unique cable management product offered exclusively by Sesitec and The Wake Park Project, which allows a cable owner to easily handle their entire operation both on and off the water.

Lake Control combines a cash control and automating ticketing system for your office, with a touch panel operating station at the dock, to streamline your business. The cable operator knows exactly who the riders are, where they are on the water, and when their ticket expires at all times. This information is displayed on the touch panel operating station. The operator can also see how many laps each rider has taken so far, and even set a lap limit to keep long lines to a minimum.

The lap limit feature can be adjusted throughout the day, and has two modes-manual and automatic. When set to manual mode, the operator is notified when a rider has reached the preset lap limit and can choose to end the ride or allow them additional laps. If set to automatic mode, Lake Control automatically deploys the catch fork once a rider reaches the lap limit allowing the cable operator to focus less on who to cut and more on safety.

Because Lake Control tracks laps for each individual rider, you have the opportunity to sell tickets by lap or hour, which increases revenue potential. Regardless of ticket type, you can see how many laps each rider has taken at the end of the year for endless marketing possibilities.

There are numerous administrative options as well that allow the cable owner to adjust equipment parameters, which speeds up maintenance, increases safety, and fine-tunes the entire system. The maximum running cable and elevator speeds can be set by the cable owner, and there is also a redundant over-speed safety setting, to ensure that a riders safety is never compromised.

Sesitec`s unique direct-drive elevator works wonderfully with Lake Control and allows the operator to speed up the elevator for preset intervals with one push button so ropes can be moved promptly out of the riders path. These are only a few of the many features at your disposal.

Lake Control is so advanced, it even keeps equipment statistics like how many times each carrier hooked a rope and how often the catch fork was deployed so owners can anticipate maintenance based on recorded operating data.

You also have the option to require each operator to login via the touch panel screen, so you know how long each employee operates for and under what circumstances for maximum staff management.

Lake Control also allows cable owners to login to the system remotely, which lets you see how many participants are at the park, whos operating the cable, and revenue in real time-from anywhere in the world.

The best part is, this total management system is included as a standard feature on Sesitec cables, the only systems in the world that delivers complete Lake control.

What’s Included:
Cash Control System
Computer System
Office UPC Scanner (for wristbands)
2 Scanning Terminals (for the dock with mounts)
Touch Panel Operating System

Track Equipment Statistics
Track Employees
Complete Cash Control
Touch Panel Controls the Entire System
Maximum Speed Setting
Safety Speed Setting
Redundant Over-speed Setting
Automated Settings (elevator, catch fork, etc)
Lap Computer (For lap hour tickets)
Adjustable Lap Limit
Real Time Remote Access for Owner
Removable Control Station for Maximum Security
Manage Liability Release Forms